Doctoral School of Theoretical Medicine



Head of the doctoral school:

Prof. Ferenc Bari, PhD, DSc, full professor

  Address:     Department of Medical Physics and Informatics


     Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical School, Medical School,  Faculty of   Science and Informatics


       Korányi fasor 9., H-6720 Szeged, Hungary


       +36 546-842,  +36 62 545-077



De  Deputy head of doctoral school:

       Prof. Antal Nógrádi MD, DSc, Head of  Department

  Address:     Department  of  Anatomy, Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical School, University of Szeged
      Kossuth Lajos sugárút 40, H-6724 Szeged, Hungary
  Phone.:     +36 62 545-786

mai  E-mail:


        The Doctoral School has three PhD subprograms:

1. Physiological and pathological functions of the neuroendocrine system

2. Neuroscience

3. Gastroenterology


1. Head of Physiological and pathological functions of the neuroendocrine system subprogram:

Dr. habil Gyula Telegdy, MD, PhD, DSc., O.M. MTA, professor emeritus

University of Szeged, Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical School,

Address: H-6701 Szeged, Semmelweis street 1 Hungary


Phone: +36 62-545-994

Compulsory subjects:

Roles of neuropeptides in the central nervous system

Chemistry of biopolymers

 2. Head of Neuroscience subprogram: Dr. Gábor Jancsó MD, PhD, DSc, professor emeritus

Department of Physiology

University of Szeged Faculty of Medicine

Address: Dóm square 10, H-6720 Szeged, Hungary


Phone: +36 62 545-099

Compulsory subjects:

Neurophysiology I-II.

Neuroanatomy I-II.

Molecular neurobiology

3. Head of Gastroenterology subprogram: Dr. habil. János Lonovics PhD, DSc, professor emeritus

Prime Department of Internal Medicine

University of Szeged, Faculty of Medicine

Address: H-6720 Szeged, Korányi fasor 10 Hungary


Phone: + 36 62 546-887

Compulsory subjects:

Endocrinology of the gastrointestinal tract

Molecular physiology and physiopathology of the gastrointestinal tract

 Research Topics

Our Doctoral School has 25 supervisors

The topics are available by this link: